Why atmAd?


There are lots of reasons why advertisers should choose atmAd, but to help you we've picked six of the best...

  1. High quality one-to-one audience engagement - 43 seconds of undivided attention with each customer.
  2. Fully accountable - as a digital medium, every single ad is monitored, measured and tracked against campaign objectives.
  3. The largest Digital Out Of Home network in the UK - more screens than any other Digital Out Of Home network. Fact.
  4. Digital and fully flexible - tailor your ad campaign by day of week, time of day, gender or weather conditions. Improve audience targeting and campaign efficiencies.
  5. ATMs in key retail locations - ATMs at Tesco, Asda and on the High Street. atmAd offers brands a chance to reach consumers during the "last window of influence", just before they go shopping.
  6. Branded receipts and coupons - the atmAd network is a proven direct response channel, with over 9 million receipts being issued across the atmAd estate every month. Branded receipts and coupons dispensed at atmAd locations are highly effective, with redemption rates averaging 6.58%.