What Is atmAd?

atmAd is the only provider of advertising on cash machines in the UK. Digital ads are displayed on the cash machine screen before, during and after each transaction.

The average customer takes 43 seconds to complete a cash machine transaction. Customers are highly alert and focused on the screen, meaning that brands can enjoy a high quality one-to-one interaction with a customer.

The cash machines also dispense branded receipts or coupons, providing the customer with instantly redeemable ‘money-off-next-purchase’ offers. In certain Supermarkets, research has shown that 83% of ATM users go in-store immediately after withdrawing cash. ATMs, therefore, have real scope to positively affect customer purchasing decisions.

atmAd has advertising available on 9,000+ cash machines in the UK. They can be found at Tesco and Asda, in convenience stores, on the High Street or in travel hubs. In a typical month, these cash machines will perform 60 million transactions and dispense 9 million receipts.

The numbers stack up…