Case Study: Unilever - Dove Max Pro

Campaign Objectives

In 2013, Unilever launched MaxPro, a new female deodorant with twice the protection of other brands. In order to reach their audience in the right mindset, Unilever chose environments where they might be feeling a touch hot and bothered - on the commute, at the shops or during hot weather. As a premium brand, MaxPro needed to reach consumers who were willing to pay a bit extra for a specialist product. As a result, a core part of the strategy was also to drive trial of the product.


In order to reach consumers during hot conditions, ATM advertising was thermally activated, meaning ads were switched on during hot weather conditions. ATMs at Tesco and Asda were chosen as they offered Unilever exposure to a large consumer audience, just moments before going in-store. ATMs at transport hubs were also chosen to reach consumers in hot conditions and in the right mindset. ATM customers could select to receive branded coupon receipts at the end of the transaction, and these provided consumers with a £1 off incentive. Finally, an on-screen question was used to reinforce the benefits of the product.