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atmAd launches new website

16 June 2014

atmAd has launched a new website as part of a major re-branding exercise across its business. The design of the website is part of a new creative theme that is being rolled out across all marketing collateral.

Following the acquisition of parent company i-design by Cardtronics in March 2013, atmAd initiated a creative review to identify how it could improve communications with its core clients and advertisers. Following the review, atmAd invested in a re-branding exercise and set about refreshing all internal and external communications.

The website is designed to explain the atmAd proposition and communicate its benefits in a simple and concise way, using videos and imagery to make information engaging and impactful.

The new website launch also coincides with another major development across the atmAd estate that has seen Tesco switch on an additional 900 ATMs with advertising capabilities. The Tesco ATM network now includes 3,600 ATMs across 2,600 stores, taking the total size of the atmAd network up to 9,000+ ATMs.

Jack Vincent, Head of Business Development at i-design said:

"The launch of the new website is an important milestone in the life of atmAd. We wanted to create a website that was engaging and easy-to-use. Most of our clients are extremely busy, so it was critical that we communicated the atmAd proposition in a simple way. atmAd is an extremely effective advertising channel that offers some highly sophisticated targeting opportunities, but at its core, it is a simple, and highly effective media format that delivers high quality audience impressions on a huge scale."

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