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atmAd Announces Takeover by Cardtronics, the World's Largest Retail ATM Owner

19 March 2013

atmAd is pleased to announce the takeover of its parent company, i-design Group Plc, by Cardtronics Inc. The take-over will see atmAd’s media and consumer expertise become part of an organisation which operates at the cross-roads of retailers, consumers and financial institutions across the world as the world’s largest retail ATM owner.

Since its 2004 introduction into the UK, atmAd has grown from 2.8 million to over 50 million one-to-one customer engagements every month. Over the past 9 years, atmAd has succeeded in securing and delivering national campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola, British Airways and Pizza Hut. Since 2004, atmAd has continued to innovate and develop new ways for brands to really engage with consumers and shoppers through physical receipt coupons, on-screen interactivity and gender specific ads.

While atmAd currently offers a media opportunity across 8,500 ATMs in the UK including top retailers Tesco and ASDA, it will now become part of a company which already operates over 62,000 ATMs in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Caribbean. Cardtronics also brings established relationships with over 1,200 financial institutions and some of the world’s largest retailers such as 7-Eleven, Kroger, Costco and Circle K.

Steve Rathgaber, CEO of Cardtronics comments:

“In a world where consumer attention seems forever fixed on a screen – smartphones, TVs, tablets, laptops, etc. – it’s important to remember the attention-getting quality of a screen known to all demographics, the ATM screen. With i-design, Cardtronics gains new software to help financial institutions talk to and be heard by their customers. With i-design and its existing network of 62,800 ATMs, Cardtronics can create a highly effective and international advertising platform for retailers and advertisers.”

Ana Stewart, founder of i-design and atmAd comments:

“Merging with Cardtronics empowers i-design to invest in its marketing software and atmAd offering in a way not available to the company in its stand-alone form, which is outstanding news for our existing customers. Going forward, whether it’s leveraging Cardtronics top-tier financial institution relationships to promote our interactive targeted marketing software or using Cardtronics’ ATM fleet as a catalyst to expand our third-party advertising capabilities at key retailers with atmAd. As a part of Cardtronics, i-design has an opportunity to accelerate its growth, achieve greater scale and expand its leadership on a global basis.”

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