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atmAd gains exclusive rights to ASDA based ATM network of 1,000 digital screens

2012 October 10

atmAd, the UK's largest national digital media opportunity with over 7,000 screens providing intimate engagements to over 50 million people every month, is pleased to announce an exclusive multi-year agreement advertising agreement with ASDA Money.

Following this agreement, atmAd will see its ASDA based ATM estate increase to over 1,000. The increase sees the number of one-to-one engagements atmAd can offer at the UK’s second largest supermarket grow to 117.6 million engagements per annum.

ARLA was the first advertiser to utilise the media for a promotion of Cravendale Milk. As well as full motion digital video, the campaign also provided on-the-spot printed redeemable coupons to drive purchasing through a 30p discount incentive.

The ASDA based estate offers a unique opportunity to engage with the ASDA shopper through a high quality digital out of home experience. Previous atmAd research indicates over 80% of ATM users at supermarkets subsequently enter the store, providing a very timely opportunity to engage with shoppers who withdraw £4.5 billion from ASDA based cash machines every year.

Ana Stewart, CEO of i-design group plc commented:

"This agreement with ASDA Money sees our media estate increase to cover all ASDA stores across the UK creating a great opportunity for shopper marketers. atmAd’s ability to provide redeemable coupons direct to the shopper with such close proximity to purchase is a prime opportunity to drive sales by engaging the shopper just before they head in-store."

Watch the Ad here:

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