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Cravendale uses Muppets to question shoppers with ATM ads

01 February 2012

February saw ATMs across the UK host ‘The Muppets’ as part of Cravendale’s “The Milk Matters” campaign. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and friends injected a bit of light-hearted fun into 2.5 million cash withdrawals for Tesco shoppers. Following a successful launch campaign for Lurpak Light which used atmAd as part of its media mix, Arla opted for a national campaign across 500 ATMs at Tesco stores for the Cravendale brand.

Arla’s campaign was two-fold, combining both the launch of ‘The Muppets’ movie but also that Cravendale is fresher for longer. With a forty second dwell time, atmAd was well positioned to communicate both messages to the shopper in one go. To ensure the message was effectively communicated, atmAd’s in-house creative team, limejelly, were selected to produce the content which was ultimately signed off by Disney in Hollywood.

For a deeper engagement, Arla opted to use atmAd’s On Screen Question functionality asking the consumer:

“Did you know that Cravendale is filtered to stay fresh for 7 days?"

Utilising atmAd’s accountable interactivity to produce a deeper engagement, the campaign generated over 500,000 unique responses with 57% of respondents previously unaware of Cravendale’s week long freshness. This campaign hit the perfect moment in the shopper journey to increase awareness of the unique product attributes with 92% of shoppers who visit an ATM at Tescos doing so before entering the store.

See video of campaign below:

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