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Our mission is to create branded ATM campaigns that deliver results.

Each month, we deliver:

13 K+

ATM screens

13 K+



ATM Visitors

Up to 62 %

Unique visitors


Advert impressions

What we do

It’s simple! We work with leading organisations, connecting their brands, products and services with cash machine users at some of the UK’s largest supermarkets, convenience groups, petrol & service stations at over 10,500 locations right across the country.

Or put another way, we place promotional campaigns onto our network of ATMs across the country. This great little media channel sits neatly in the centre of digital, OOH and retail. Our smart software can give you the measurability and compliance of digital, the mass reach of OOH and the opportunity to influence purchasing decisions that retail locations bring.

Have a peek at this to see what we mean.

By the way, we also sell advertising on the front of store digital screens at Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

Why we do it

We only run one campaign at a time on a machine, so ATM advertising delivers 100% SOV.

Because our channel is essentially a digital platform, we can practically ensure 100% compliance.

Many of our cash machine locations will see most of the cash that has been withdrawn, spent in-store.

So, these are pretty good reasons to place a promotional campaign on cash machines, BUT, we hear you say, What about results? What about ROI? How do we know it works? All fair questions and actually don’t just take our word for it………..


Featured ROI: £0.89
Featured sales uplift: 13.7%
Brand ROI: £2.02
Brand sales uplift: 7.1%
Source: IRi UK


Featured ROI: £0.42
Featured sales uplift: 13.7%
Brand ROI: £1.05
Brand sales uplift: 7.1%
Source: IRi UK


Featured ROI: £0.41
Featured sales uplift: 12.4%
Brand ROI: £0.88
Brand sales uplift: 3.3%
Source: IRi UK

FOS – Security covers

Featured ROI: £0.53
Featured sales uplift: 14.4%
Brand ROI: £1.23
Brand sales uplift: 6.8%
Source: IRi UK

AT SHELF – Aisle fins

Featured ROI: £0.97
Featured sales uplift: 16.5%
Brand ROI: £3.80
Brand sales uplift: 7%
Source: IRi UK

Where we do it

Back to business! Our software is deployed on over 13,500 cash machines in more than 13,000 locations across the UK. Your campaigns can be as big, or small, as your budgets and/or brands or services allow. We will work in partnership with you to plan a campaign, bring it to life, and, ultimately deliver results.

atmAd are the team that manage the end-to-end process, from building relationships, through to creating captivating campaigns and bringing those campaigns to life on screen, right through to post-campaign reporting.


Large Format and Convenience

High Streets

& Local, inc. bars and eateries

Petrol Stations

inc. Motorway Service Stations

Meet the team

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Our in-house creative agency, lime jelly offer a range of services from full advert production to conversion of existing media creative. lime jelly have the know-how to produce great engaging campaigns, empowering client brands, large and small, to stand out from the crowd. Have a look at some of the advertisements they have worked on here.

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